Haw Organization
Haw organization is a non-profit civilized association that works to develop and improve society, focused on education, especially in Kurdistan Region that lacks high quality educational and parental system, which creates a cultural and educational gap. As this gap continues, the issues facing the society increase.
We also pay attention to work on emolumenting Sustainable Development Goals. Also peace & Coexisting is in our too priority as it's the key element to creat a peaceful and developed community.
These are the reasons our organization works on education development and community issuez for a better educational system and a peaceful community ....
We Work In
Peace & Coexisting
Environmental education
Youth education
Religious education
Family education

H.O.E Organization has been established since 2019 and performed many projects and activities .
And still continues their ideas and activities for various educational sectors in Kurdistan region .
Helping Immigrants
Specific course for psychologist
English language course
stop smoking awareness
studying guides for students
Several seminars for 12th grade students
Several scientific Researches
meetup Marathon


We are seeking to ensure good education and lifestyle quality to everyone. Due to the wars, crisis, and conflicts in Iraq, the education quality has decreased in a very obvious way. So many students and youth got affected. Therefore we look forward to ensuring the lifestyle quality and high education quality to everyone. Which include awareness, enhancing peace & coexisting, as well as other education themes.
- Our main focus is on youth from 12-18 who are currently registered in schools and 18-30 who are in higher education or those who have left schools. We try to deliver the message of knowledge, peace, co-existing, mental health, and GBV phenomenon and equal lifestyle to everyone. At the same time we focus on ensuring decent jobs for every youth.
- H.O.E Organization is implementing it's projects in the local areas and paying attention to the global issues at the same time by applying Sustainable Development Goals in it's projects.

Is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, that works on education and consultation.
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