Our future projects
Every once in two months, haw organizations organizes a general meeting with hundreds of teachers and researchers about the projects and activities on different sectors of education in kurdistan, to be worked on and put into practice.

Some of the future projects that are worked on and some that will be put into practice are :
Visions of Educational Institutions
Virtualizing and collecting of all educational places in a website or a special application,that users or students can easily find all information and questions on educational places like (university-college-school-institute-strengthening/development centers)
The program of study skills at school
The program of study skills at school is a special program related to ways of studying and solving the problems that students come across in education (or during study)

Most of students problems/issues have been addressed, and with the help of an instructor, the benefits of the program can be observed/seen. And students will be able to figure out how to deal with their problems.

At the same time field experts (psychologist,sociologist,psychological instructor ,social worker) have prepared this program and it has been revised by miss lydia shaswar
Opening continuous courses for teaching languages and special courses on how to deal with problems that face students during study/studying and examination.

Continuously performing researches on status of education in kurdistan and iraq and presenting it to related parties
Environmental education
Warning people about protecting the environment through sharing posters and information.
Performing seminars for families and students.
A campaign for keeping the environment clean.
Religious education
Enhancement of public perception so that harmony is established among different religions.

Trying to get people to know to different religions to schools and colleges.

Performing seminars and presentations for the different religions figur who direct the society through religion.
Family education
Maintening the project of ( Supportimg Families and individuals ) supporting them as social workers .
Youth education
Working on the youth to produce a fruitful, active individual throug ( presentation, event, debate, seminars, courses and other activities )
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