Performed Projects
HOW organization has been established since 2008 and performed many projects and activities .
And still continues their ideas and activities for various educational sectors in Kurdistan region .
These are some of performed projects by HOW :
Supply and charity donation for destitute families
Supply and charity donation for destitute families. As a feeling of responsibility HOW organization will constantly collect supply and donation for destitute families with the help of our sponsors ( companies, rich people and private sectors ) .

Our door is open for anyone who want to give to the poor from us .
Serial Seminars
Performing several seminars for 12th grade students in Sulaimany City .

The seminars were about how to prepare for exam, studying, place of studying, being prepared mentally and physically, and relaxation .
Students guide to study
At the same time field experts ( psychologist, sociologist, psychological instructor, social worker ) have prepared this program and it has been revised by miss lydia shaswary .
A marathon event for getting to know to each other
For the students in all departments of University of Sulaimany. New Campus .

Opening 8 different courses
Opening 8 different courses to enhanc youth abilities, culture, intelligence as well as different sections of life.
Participants: +300
Started from : 09/09/2020

The courses:
  • Improve your skills for job opportunities.
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Working in groups
  • Live in a healthy way
  • Teaching Microsoft Word, access, PowerPoint
  • pictures
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Computer skills
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